Fearless Audio Shangri-La 1DD + 4BA Hybrid Performance in-Ear Monitor with Detachable 2pin 0.78mm OFC Cable for Audiophile Musician (Shangri-La Canyon) -

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  • 【Shangri-La: Balanced and Detailed Performance Hybrid IEM】Shangri-La is a 1DD + 4BA hybrid IEM, utilizing the Fearless special research new proprietary dynamic driver, the Pole-Magnetic DD. This powerful 10mm driver has been specially designed to focus on low frequency performance by minimizing distortion levels while enhancing membrane responsiveness through a strengthened magnetic tension.
  • 【4 custom balanced armature drivers】 The 2nd generation Colorful World ultra-high frequency driver has been fine tuned to remove any grainy textures in the upper treble regions, producing a crystal clear and high resolution treble playback, achieving an airy atmosphere and realistic sound stage. Doubling these drivers allows a reduced THD noise floor at a greater sound output, resulting in a higher-resolution playback.
  • 【5 hybrid driver IEM with a 3 way crossover 】Shangri-La has a more natural mid-range than Provence, allowing for a more studio-appropriate tuning, while still maintaining an impactful low end. Separation of the crossover between the mid and treble drivers also allows a greater level of instrument layering and imaging capabilities than Provence or Barcelona. With the most balanced tuning and extended detail retrieval among the three models, Shangri-La is the ultimate IEM for professional usage.
  • 【Detachable High Performance Cable】Shangri-La comes with an 8 strand ultra-pure oxygen-free copper (OFC) silver-plated litz cable. This high-performance grade cable was selected to best enhance the sound signature of the Barcelona. With its 0.78mm 2-pin termination and 3.5mm single-ended jack, it can also be switched with other cables or in-ear monitors.
  • 【Ergonomic design, better noise canceling performance】Fearless Audio's earphones are produced according to the standard of customized earphones. The shape of all earphones is designed based on the big data of human ear, which fits your ears and have good noise canceling performance. Audiophiles can use these earphones when commuting to work and traveling, and never affected by the outside world.

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Fearless Audio Paladin Series Electrostatic Driver in-Ear Monitor HiFi Earphone for Audiophiles (La Hire)

Fearless Audio Paladin Series Electrostatic Driver in-Ear Monitor HiFi Earphone for Audiophiles (La Hire)

Fearless Audio Paladin Series Electrostatic Driver in-Ear Monitor HiFi Earphone for Audiophiles (La Hire)

Fearless Audio Paladin Series Electrostatic Driver in-Ear Monitor HiFi Earphone for Audiophiles (La Hire)

Product description

Size:Shangri-La Canyon

About Fearless Audio

Founded in 2012, Fearless Audio is committed to providing perfectly fit customized earphones, including in-ear monitors specialized for professional audio engineering and stage performance. As a world-class technical audio company, Fearless Audio has established a specialized digital R&D department in 2016 for the exploration and application of 3D printing technology in customized in-ear monitors. The culminating result has been the world’s first 3D-printed lowpass tuning catheter to be utilized in earphones. Today, this technology has gone beyond to developing custom tuning tubes for balanced armature and dynamic drivers in every model that allow specific tuning engineering and minimization of unit variances.

The primary focus of Fearless Audio is on users’ music listening experience. Through years of cooperation with professional musicians, Fearless Audio has developed high performance earphones that suit all types of enthusiasts and musicians. During the past 9 years, Fearless Audio has been recognized as an industry leader by global consumers who insist on an unparalleled music experience.

Product Name:Fearless Audio High End Hybrid HIFI Inner Ear Earphone
Brand:Fearless Audio
Model: Shangri-La
Sensitivity: [email protected]
Impedance: [email protected]
Frequency Range: 15Hz-20000Hz
Distortion Ratio: 23dB
Cable: 8 core high purity silver plated OFC cable
Connector: 0.78mm2pin
Plug: 3.5mm

What’ in the package?
-Earphone body
-Silicone earpieces*3
-Clean blush
-Potable storage case


Shangri-La Canyon, Shangri-La Horizon, Shangri-La Moraine

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